Summertime To-Do’s for Your Home and Yard

Hello, Florida homeowners!

As the summer sun beams down, it’s time to make sure your home and yard are ready for the sizzle. We’ve got your back with a checklist that’ll keep your space cool, moisture-free, pest-resistant, and picture-perfect for those lazy summer days.

Beat the Heat with These Tips:

When the mercury climbs, you want to stay comfy indoors. Here’s how:

• A/C Check: Before the heatwave hits, get a pro to service your A/C. It’s not just for older systems—new ones need TLC too.

• Yearly Maintenance: Lock in an HVAC contract for peace of mind. Pros will keep your system humming and jump to your rescue in emergencies.

• Clear the Way: Ensure your outside A/C unit has space to breathe—trim back shrubs and debris.

• Filter Friendly: Change those air filters—they’re your A/C’s best friends. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

• Beat the Heat: Explore new cooling options like oscillating fans or portable A/C units for a comfy abode.

Moisture Control, the Smart Way:

Humidity is no friend of your home. Protect it like a pro:

• Say No to Mold: Summer humidity can lead to mold woes. Tackle musty areas and damp spots pronto.

• Dehumidify: Get a dehumidifier to curb excess moisture. Opt for the right size and consider a continuous drain option.

• Keep it Balanced: Indoor humidity levels around 40-50% are ideal. Ventilate well and invest in a home ventilation system.

• Bye-Bye Mold: Banish mold and safeguard your family’s health by maintaining proper humidity levels.

Your Yard Needs Some TLC:

Don’t forget the outdoors—your yard needs love too:

• Trim Those Trees: Prevent summer storm catastrophes by scheduling tree trimming. Regular upkeep keeps your trees healthy.

• Drain Smart: Summer storms call for proper drainage. Secure your home by checking drainage systems and gutter extensions.

• Garden Glory: Add vibrant annuals to your yard for a splash of color. Water wisely and invest in sturdy plants.

• Deck TLC: Give your deck and patio a spruce-up—power wash, clean, and seal. Your outdoor space will shine.

• Pests, Begone: Keep mosquitos, ticks, and pests in check by eliminating breeding grounds and using fans as a barrier.

• Pest Pros: For those persistent pests, consider professional help. Keep your home and yard critter-free.

Summer DIY Bliss:

Finally, harness that sunny energy for some DIY magic:

• Revive Your Furniture: Sand, stain, or paint those flea market finds. Get creative without worrying about mess.

• Clear Vision: Clean windows and screens in the cool morning air. Let the summer sun do the drying.

• Savor the Season: Amidst all the tasks, remember to bask in the summer vibes and make the most of it.

Need Recommendations? Reach Out:

I’m here to help with any advice or recommendations you need. Whether it’s A/C pros, pest control, or DIY know-how, drop me a line at

Here’s to a splendid, stress-free summer in your Florida abode!

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